Japanese Ceramic Art in the World and My Position

We can find unique ceramic artworks in most civilizations where fire is used. Japanese ceramic history started in the JomonEra, almost 5000 years ago. Up to today Japan has produced enormous numbers of ceramic artworks including artificial ruby and diamond, changing the style variously. In this sense, we Japanese adore ceramic works very much.
Making ceramic artworks leads me to find various aspects of culture represented by ceramic art, which is a great fun for me for I feel like producing new sense of value inside myself. Ceramic artworks represent the culture of the country and, at the same time, the lives and traditions by the people living in the country develops new ceramics, culture and art. In this sense the role of ceramic art is significant. It would be so wonderful if I could be a part of such role myself.

My Feelings for Artwork

Once in a long while, I get very excited while I am making a piece of work. Then, an illusionalidea that making is my true vocation springs to my mind instantly. Although it may be a false illusion actually, I become very happy, because I feel as if I got a gift from God in the heaven and I could seize on the point of contact between the meaning of my existence and the society I’m living in. This may be my original point for making artworks. I’m so fascinated in making and I really wish I could continue forever.

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