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Zen Onuki and His Works

Onuki expresses his lively energy for creation through the process of producing ceramics, which includes energy for creating form from invisible as well as fusion of contradiction and conflict inside the self. Clay turns into ceramics. This process is done by the theory of figurative arts, different from that of sculptures nor paintings.

Onuki takes apparently irrationalistic measures by blunging, scraping, curving and coloring. In the course of the process, the ceramic in Onuki’s hand absorbs his energy and realizes his image in a form. Onuki’s ceramic work impresses people with its dynamic, visual creativity. Onuki is one of the very few contemporary ceramic artists who succeeded in activate the form of the ceramics.

Looking at Onuki’s works, you may find he is doing creating works in the level beyond conventional Japanese sensitivity. However, his style is not similar to that of American/European ceramic artists. The form and design of his ceramics are gorgeous in color, and at the same time they are rational and functional. Apparently contradictory elements are included in the complete balance in a piece of his ceramic work.

Onuki says, “My works change almost every year. It is something like my original nature and I cannot help stopping it”

Onuki’s ceramic works always give people new images and astonishing impressions, just like the clouds in the sky changing the form every minute.

If consummation in ceramics decides the idiom of the works, breakthrough image will stop coming out. Artists should keep giving people new images consistently like a springing fountain regardless of the categories. This is what Onuki has been doing in all his career.

2004. 08. 12
Masaharu Oka

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